Monday, 31 May 2010

Nappies and sleep issues!!

So, I was going to write a bit about how life has been since becoming a mummy but instead I'm now dealing with two distressing mummy worries.

How do you get an 18 month old back into her old bedtime routine? Feel like the worst mummy in the world, hearing my beautiful baby girl absolutely sob her heart out for me as I leave her in her room. This technique is called controlled crying, and although we have used it successfully in the past, it doesn't make it any easier hearing your child so distressed. So, here we go again, waiting for the routine to kick back in.

The other worry? Nappies. You'll see in further posts why I have such worries in this area. Let it be enough said that the words "Pampers" and "active fit with dry max" are banned in our house! But now we are thinking about switching to chemical free cloth nappies. I am so concerned with what is in contact with my daughters skin that I am now really starting to feel anti-disposable after reading about the chemicals in them.

So this is my rambling post for today.

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