Monday, 5 July 2010

pampers - the fight

Armed with what I thought was pretty good evidence of these new dry max nappies causing Olivia's awful burn-like rash I contacted BBC Watchdog. The thought of another mum, dad or guardian going through with their baby what we had with Olivia didn't even bear thinking about. I was still quite shocked though to recieve a phone call from one of the watchdog researchers asking me to appear in the show. Yes, I said, definately. I was so eager to get our story out there. So, off we went to a lovely childrens soft play area in Putney called Eddie Catz where we were interviewed by Alice Beer. A truly lovely woman. We spent roughly three hours telling our stories to the camera. I met there two other mums who also had experienced problems with the new dry max nappies - one of whom I'm sure will be a friend for life and who has been such a support and advocate for mums and dads out there experiencing the same rashes I have. Two weeks later the show was aired. At 8pm as we were sitting down to watch it a phonecall announced that my segment had been completely cut - but they still had loads of footage of my little girl. The reason for this? Time constraints. That ol' chesnut. It turned out to be "legal reasons"- they were afraid of being sued!

Undeterred, I had watched the pampers PR rep, Aimee Goldsmith, present in the studio being interviewed by Ann Robinson - she was good. Obviously PR suited this girl. But no, they weren't going to change back to the old active fit that we all know and love. These new dry max nappies were here to stay. The only word I can think of to describe this woman was arrogance. She had it in buckets. The words "no-one likes us, we don't care" sprung to mind as she casually dismissed any sort of suggestion that us mums were right.

I had been in contact with Procter and Gamble for quite some time by this stage and had sent back a medical questionnaire with details of the rash and with consent for them to contact Olivia's doctor. I have nothing to hide. One of the doctors had said that he'd never seen a rash like it. I am still waiting for a response to this.

Next came a meeting with Procter and gamble. I felt like I was walking into the lions den.

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