Monday, 26 July 2010

The Work/home divide

Many of us working mummies encounter problems along the way associated with keeping a healthy, happy balance of work life and home life. The decision to go back to work can be a particularly hard one to make. Its even harder when the decision has been made for you. For many of us, financial ties means being a stay at home mum is just not an option.

Having tried for over five years for my little girl (and going through fertility treatment) I felt incredibly heartbroken knowing that I'd have to leave the one person I love more than I ever felt possible. Olivia being born 10 weeks prematurely didn't help. I never got to hold my little girl straight after she was born. She was rushed directly into neonatal intensive care, ventilated and put in an incubator. A necessary but difficult separation. For six weeks all I did was cry whilst sat by her incubator, willing her to get stronger. So going back to work and leaving her again felt like yet another enforced separation. But nonetheless, going back to work was what I had to do.
Thankfully, my childcare was being carried out by my mum and dad, which makes leaving Olivia that much easier. I know I can trust them and she is getting one to one care while I am at work earning that much needed crust. I consider myself and Olivia to be very lucky.

It is still hard though keeping the balance right. Off with the mummy hat, on with the work one. When your baby needs you and so does your boss it can be difficult to keep both sides happy.

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